Every Step Matters

GAIA Flooring is built on a vision.

As the next generation of savvy homeowners scrutinizes the production quality of flooring, now more than ever, the quality of flooring products needs to set a higher bar. With time as valuable as it has ever been, the standards for luxury flooring now include low maintenance, worry-free durability, environmentally friendly manufacturing, and family safety. Health and safety standards shouldn’t be based on just passing regulations, but should be based on a vision of doing no harm; and making every step matter, from raw material sourcing to innovative manufacturing, design, specifications, and testing.
Design. Every Step Matters™ in design. Our proprietary hand-designed textures have the strictest quality standards. Our design partners have created timeless and fashion-defining collections to suit today’s most critical flooring specifiers.
People. Every Person Matters. Factory conditions and worker satisfaction translate into our product. We believe in redefining the standard for working conditions. The most important resource is people.
Lab testing. Every Step Matters™ for in home performance. Consistency in raw material supply, manufacturing processes, and tooling requires high standards in lab testing with data-driven Sigma 6 methodology.
Vertical Chain QC. Every Step Matters™ in producing a product. The standard for high-quality flooring is compromised. Gaia is committed to raising the bar for quality, safety, environmental impact, and luxury.